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In order to integrate the management, maintenance and use efficiency of precious instruments across departments of the university, the “Chun Yuan University Valuable Instrument Center” was established. Its task is to implement the goal of sharing valuable resources. The key tasks of the center are as follows:

1. Provide the borrowing service of valuable instruments needed for the research and development of off-campus teachers.

2. Provide entrusted measurement arrangements for valuable instruments that are open to the outside world in the school and contact the instrument operator.

3. Arrange necessary valuable instrument teaching and training courses for graduate students/staff on campus.


1. Opening hours are 9:00-12:00 am and 14:00-17:00 pm on school working days.

2. Those who operate the instrument by themselves must complete the training hours corresponding to the “Precious Instrument Self-Operation Training” for 6~12 hours before they can operate the instrument by themselves.

3. When operating the instrument for the first time, it should be carried out under the supervision and instruction of technicians.

4. Before borrowing the instrument, it is necessary to complete the registration procedures in accordance with the regulations of the responsible unit of each instrument, so that the experiment can be carried out.

5. If the time occupied by borrowing equipment for experiments is estimated to be less than one time slot, it should be booked and billed as one time slot.

6. Except for special circumstances, please do not make an appointment to apply on the day of borrowing. The borrower shall be responsible for the failure of borrowing due to the failure of the undertaker’s business operation procedures.

7. If you are unable to attend the experiment after registration, you should cancel or re-register one day before the experiment. However, the money paid to the school account after registration will not be refunded.

8. If there is any abnormality in the use of the instrument, please inform the on-site operator/technical personnel immediately. If you have other questions, please call Ms. Zhuang Yachun, the administrative staff of Taichang Guiyi: 03-265-2502.











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