28-Research Center

Office of Research and Development
Research and Development Center for Smart ManufacturingR&D Center for Membrane Technology
Quantum Information CenterResearch Center for Semiconductor Materials and Advanced Optics
College of Science
Center for NanotechnologyCenter for Nanotechnology
Center for High Energy PhysicsCenter for Commercialization of Cancer Theranostics
Center for Theoretical ScienceResearch Center of Aquatic Toxicology and Pharmacology
College of Engineering
Research & Development Center for Mechatronic EquipmentsEnvironment Control and Hazard Mitigation Technology Center
Environment Control and Hazard Mitigation Technology CenterCenter for Environmental Risk Management
Center for Robotics and Intelligence Applications ResearchCenter for High-Value Industry Promotion
Center for Civil Engineering and Soil/Water ConservationSustainable Environmental Education Center
Center for Minimally-Invasive Medical Devices and Technologies Luh Hwa Research Center for Circular Economy
Research Center for Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Emission
College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Research Center for Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero EmissionResearch Center for Sustainable Productivity and Quality   
Technology Translation Center for Medical DeviceResearch Center for Intelligent Electronics
Center For Active Noise & Vibration Control Application心Center for Internet of Things and Intelligent Cloud
Power and Energy Research Center
College of Business
Research Center for Global Taiwanese Business Center for Applied Economic Modeling
Corporate Social Responsibility Research CenterEnterprise Innovation Research Center
School of Design
Sustainable Built Environment Research CenterCultural Property Preservation Center
Research Center for Innovation and Integration DesignCenter for Urban Planning and Design
College of Humanities and Education
Early Intervention CenterResearch Center for Chinese Christianity
Research Center for Supporting Families of Children with Special needs Research Center for Global Hakka and Multi-culture
Center for Music Industry EducationResearch Center for Overseas Chinese

Updated 112.03.27
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