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RESEARCH AREA Membrane Science Intelligent Biomedical Membrane Bioinspired Biomaterials
PUBLICATIONS C.-Y. Chiu, T.-J. Yen, Yung Chang*. Intelligent sterilizable self-cleaning membranes triggered by sustainable counterion-induced bacteria killing/releasing procedure. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2022, 440, 135798. Chen-Hua Hsu, Antoine Venault, Yung Chang*. Facile zwitterionization of polyvinylidene fluoride microfiltration membranes for biofouling mitigation. Journal of Membrane Science. 2022, 648, 120348. Antoine Venault, Shi-Jie Chen, Hao-Tung Lin, Irish Maggay, Yung Chang*. Bi-continuous positively-charged PVDF membranes formed by a dual-bath procedure with bacteria killing/release ability. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2021, 417, 128910. Chen-Hua Hsu, Antoine Venault, Haozhe Zheng, Chen-Tsyr Lo, Cheng-Chen Yang, Yung Chang*. Failure of sulfobetaine methacrylate as antifouling material for steam-sterilized membranes and a potential alternative. Journal of Membrane Science. 2021,620, 118929. Hao-Tung Lin, Antoine Venault, Yung Chang*. Reducing the pathogenicity of wastewater with killer vapor-induced phase separation membranes. Journal of Membrane Science, 2020,614(5), 118543. Hao-Tung Lin, Antoine Venault, Yung Chang*. Zwitterionized chitosan based soft membranes for diabetic wound healing, Journal of Membrane Science, 2019, 591, Article 117319. A.Venault, C.H. Hsu, K. Ishihara, Y. Chang*, Zwitterionic bi-continuous membranes from a phosphobetaine copolymer/poly(vinylidene fluoride) blend via VIPS for biofouling mitigation, Journal of Membrane Science, 2018, 550, 377-388. Y.W. Chen, A. Venault, J.F. Jhong, H.T. Ho, C.C. Liu, R.H. Lee, G.H. Hsiue, Y. Chang*, Developing blood leukocytes depletion membranes from the design of bio-inert PEGylated hydrogel interfaces with surface charge control, Journal of Membrane Science, 2017, 537, 209-219. A. Venault, K. M. Trinh, Y. Chang * , A zwitterionic zP(4VP-r-ODA) copolymer for providing polypropylene membranes with improved hemocompatibility, Journal of membrane science, 2016, 501, 68-78. A. Venault, M.R.B. Ballad, Y.H. Liu, P. Aimar, Y. Chang* , Hemocompatibility of PVDF/PS-b-PEGMA membranes prepared by LIPS process, Journal of membrane science, 2015, 477, 101-114.
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